Monday, November 19, 2007

A great windskate session

On Sunday 18 November there wasn't enough wind to surf in a cold weather of 4 degrees. So i went for a nice dirt session with Gino Joskowski. Gino spotted a nice industry parking on the Rijksweg in Willebroek (or Puurs, we don't know exactly) so went to check it out. Although the wind was slightly to much West it was still a magical spot !! But not only for the conditions and the lovely warming sun, but because i've done my first spock, eslider and switch stance air-jibe !!
Gino on the other hand perfected his flaka's and his special kind of chacho !!

New even better, because you won't believe me otherwise :), it's all on photo or on movie. I've posted some photo's below so you can start enjoying. The movie still needs some editing, but i will post it asap!

When i got home i saw a peacock on the roof of our neighbors and even for Belgium, that's a strange place for staying..

Ow yes, almost forgot to mention, about 2 weeks ago i had a little windskate session with Tommeke Peeters. Not many photo's but it was a lot of fun!

And know for the actual day i talked about.

Al the photo's are viewable right here :)


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fswp said...

also a big thx for photo shooting and filming to Gino !