Monday, June 23, 2008

Domburg - Holland

Well, it's decided. We're going to Domburg. It's not as extreme as the previous choice, but looking @ the current forecasts the better one. Not as far away is a bit of a plus to because we can get an evening session on arrival and stay longer on Sunday's...

Hoping for lot's of wind in combination with glazzy waves so we can both windsurf as surf.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blancs Sablons - France

We are thinking about going to Blancs Sablons @ France.

Judging from the pictures it can get pretty epic !!

We'll see how it will be.. it looks pretty fine, but it's well over max. distance of 600km

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Last minute weekend

Yesterday went for bike ride with Gino and somehow we decided to go on a 4 day windsurfing trip next week. We don't have a location yet, but it should be somewhere @ mid/north France or north Netherlands. Reason is fairly simple, we can't drive much further otherwise we don't have any surfing time left. But we want some wind or @ least wave security so that we can either windsurf or golf surf.

So if anyone has suggestions, please share it :) Very mucho thanx !! You're always welcome to come along also.. i've heard that Jelle C. is interested to :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Steven Van Broekhoven

UPDATE: Steven took the 4the place in the double elimination @ Milos beach. He has secured his 4the place in the overall results. Congratz dude !!

He did a great job @ Lefkada, Vassiliki. He became fifth (shared spot) which has allowed him to step up on the overall ladder by becoming fourth overall. Not bad for a first timer he :)

Next stop is in the north of the same island. Hoping that this time their will be enough wind throughout the whole competition so that at least this time the doubles can be finished.

Check this movie out! It's a Dahab compilation from Gollito and Paskowski with some truly amazing awesome freestyle action !!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Two rookies surfing

Like i told you guys earlier on, i was editing some footage from our first surfing session @ the Maasvlakte - Holland. It was a fun, enjoyed the weather and the sea very much. Conditions were not bad at all for two rookies enjoying themselves.. The best replacement for windsurfing when it's not windy if you ask me :)

So here it is, our first surfing movie :) If you got some tips to improve our style (very much needed) then don't hesitate to let me know..

Now for those of you who want the see some real action, check this. Real cool photo's, look likes an awesome spot to me !

Check this link out for sure dudes, real massive wipe out's. Some real crazy stuff! Glad that it wasn't that bad with us...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Belgium Riders

As the title gave it away a bit, i'm gonna promote 2 Belgium Riders today. First Roeland De Rycker. He's posted a new movie about an after school session on Grevelingendam - Holland. It's really well put together. If he keeps this commitment and level raising, it won't take long before he joins Steven on the EFPT trips.

Speaking of.. tomorrow starts the EFPT @ Greece and the conditions are looking better then last time i checked. If it stays like this, were gonna see yet another great EFPT show.

While Steven Van Broekhoven is preparing himself in Greece, several story's are publicized about him. The one thing that always comes back is "Most improved Sailer" or "Most impressive Sailer" and they are right about it :)
Check his reports @ teamthebunch (site is in Dutch though), unfortunately his forgotten his cable so he can't send us pictures for the moment..


Monday, June 2, 2008

Prokids 2008 :: video report

As promised, a short video overview of the Saturday (very) low-wind freestyle ProKids 2008 contest. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Vassiliki Freestyle

Wednesday 4th June, start of EFPT Vassiliki Freestyle @ South Lefkada, Greece. Club Vass is hosting the first time this great contest and just they are, i'm pretty exited to see what's going to happen. Hoping that the wind will pick up because right know, it's nowhere to be seen :(

Steven had broken his big toe @ the ProKids weekend (2 weeks ago) but is now practicing his moves at Greece. He's there together with Maarten van Ochten and it seems that he's fully recovered. Will see in a couple of day's if he is right about it...

pic from, PWA Podersdorf