Monday, June 2, 2008

Prokids 2008 :: video report

As promised, a short video overview of the Saturday (very) low-wind freestyle ProKids 2008 contest. Enjoy!


Lano said...

Nice one Sam, what camera were you using for this?

fswp said...

thx! :)

i was using a hdd camrecorder from sony:

i'm quit satisfied with this lightweight recorder, has a great zoom and is quit forgivable in low light conditions compared with my previous tape recorder

Lano said...

We are looking at getting one of these exact recorders, HDD Sont 120GB version, we were just concerned that the optical zoom was less than our current Dat tape JVC recorder. Had a play with it in the store yesterday, was amazingly better than our old one, plus it had a 10.2 megapixel still function......Im sold, just need to convince the missus!

Those kids were ripping in no wind, might have to give this FS a try!

fswp said...

yeah, those hdd sony's are truly great. convincing your misses wouldn't be so difficult :) just go to the store, film here and then let her look how magnificent beautiful see looks on those screens :) that would do the trick :)

you should definitely give freestyle a go, it's really really fun to learn, do and watch - but i must warn you, its even more addictive the the other disciplines :)