Sunday, June 1, 2008

Vassiliki Freestyle

Wednesday 4th June, start of EFPT Vassiliki Freestyle @ South Lefkada, Greece. Club Vass is hosting the first time this great contest and just they are, i'm pretty exited to see what's going to happen. Hoping that the wind will pick up because right know, it's nowhere to be seen :(

Steven had broken his big toe @ the ProKids weekend (2 weeks ago) but is now practicing his moves at Greece. He's there together with Maarten van Ochten and it seems that he's fully recovered. Will see in a couple of day's if he is right about it...

pic from, PWA Podersdorf


Felix Hauft said...

Nice Pic :D

felix from

fswp said...

hehe, indeed ;)

will you be shooting @ greece to ?