Friday, May 30, 2008

Current week

Not much posting time this week, so just a quick update. I've viewed the Brazilian Search from Club Ventos and it has delivered what it has promised. I'm sure that anyone who had read their website will agree... it's a relaxed movie, pure Club Ventos style. (remember their monthly diary videos from 2007) Clean and hard action when the wind blows but mostly more background information about the riders and spots. Let's not forget, it is a movie about the search of a new spot for Club Ventos.
Off course, a bit more windsurf action is always nicer but if the wind only blows 2 of the 8 days then... you know..

Anyway, my next movie to watch will be 7 Sons of Freestyle from ContinentSeven. Just arrived this week and really looking forward to watch some kick-ass freestyle action! Off course, a short review will be posted :)

Short movie about Prokids low-wind freestyle action will be posted short after the weekend with another short movie about my first surfing action @ the Maasvlakte - Holland with some bonus material ;)

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