Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Prokids Brouwersdam

The weekend of 17 and 18 may was the weekend for the Prokids contest. I went for a quick look and was hoping to get some surf myself later on.. what a bummer!!

Although it was fun to watch our Belgium Pride to compete in the marginal low-wind conditions it still sucked. With the exception of a couple of gecko freaks (witch by the way gets boring if you only keep repeating the same move) the only other moves where buddha's, splits for the girls and some flip trics.

After i while, i got so frustrated of the lack of wind i went back home. Saturday was kind of a boring day. I've heard that the wind kicked in Sunday, but it was a bit to late since i had all kinds of work to do... so i was even more frustrated :(

I filmed a bit, perhaps i'm going to edit and post it or perhaps i don't... will depend on how much spare time there is left.

Current weekend doesn't look very good either, i hope it changes because this weekend is also the very first BK Freestyle. Probably without Steven van Broekhoven, because he has broken toe from last Sunday.


Lano said...

Post up the movie mate!

You should have been here last weekend to see how much wind we got!

fswp said...

alright, alright, will be my number one thing to do next week.. (forgot my camera.. :()