Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PWA - EFPT Podersdorf

Although there aren't much news updates on the efpt or pwa blog's, today is the official start of the PWA-EFPT Podersdorf freestyle surf cup. From the Belgium soils are present, number four on the EFPT list, Steven Van Broekhoven and Kenny Janssen.

I wish them all the luck, wind and sun they need to give the world another treat of excitement and blown the competition away!

Picture taken from efpt.net

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Low-wind weekend

The past weekend (19-20 april) was a very low-wind weekend. Some of the weather models had predicted a immature 5 bft but the peak's were at max a messy 4 bft. But i just couldn't stay on the sideline, i had to get at least my gear wet, it was just to long ago.. but i wasn't alone on the water. Many of the BK riders where on the spot, which was by the way the Punt - Holland, for practicing some low-wind freestyle.

One of them was Steven Van Broeckhoven and it was just awesome to see that even with really marginal conditions he could pull out perfect ponches, grubby's etc., i was just floating for crying out loud! To bad i couldn't get good pictures..

But the party Saturday night made up for the wind. We went with a couple of windsurfers to a dance café in Ouddorp. It was a blast! Especially Jelle was in the mood to get party started! (Photo's will follow as soon as i get them)

Sunday was a bit better on Grevelingendam, although it was a just a little 4 bft we could at least get some windsurfing done. I was mostly training on the Gecko. I must say, i was really tired afterwards but hell yeah, had a lot of fun with my mates!

Thanx to Gino Joskowski for taking the photographs!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jakub Kosmowski

POL288 Jakub Kosmowski with some powerful freestyle action and a little bit of wave @ Cape Town. Really like his powerful style, it makes his moves look far more beautiful to watch!

You can view the video on his blog to.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BK Freewave 2008 - Surfers Paradise

As promised, the video of BK Freewave @ Surfers Paradise.

I've noticed that for some reason the last 3 seconds are cut off, so just for the record:

B25 Robin Van Hoof
B34 Kenny Janssens
B35 Dieter Van der Eycken
B67 Roeland De Rijcker
B72 Steven Van Broeckhoven
B123 Jordi Verschoten
Dirk Van der Eycken
Luc Caers
Luc Van de Ven
Robin Janssens

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First BK Freewave this year

The First BK Freewave (Belgium Championship) was great, although a bit more wind would have been nice. We could finish in total 5 heats (one was canceled), enough to get results for the Kids and Masters.

First i want to say thanx to all the sponsors and Patrick Rooze for organizing everything.

Results C-power BK Freewave Surfers Paradise:
1: Robin Van Hoof
2: Yentel Caers
3: Liesbeth Janssen
4: Janssens Robin

1: Luc Caers
2: Dirk Van Der Eycken
3: Patrick Rooze
4: Luc Van de Ven

I enjoyed especially watching the masters. It was a very close call between Luc C & Dirk for first and second places, but in the end the overall impression and effort made us decide that Luc C deserved it.

The Young Guns and Open Categories were also fun, but you could see that a bit more wind would have been nice. In normal conditions we know some of the guys do Spocks and Chachoo like nothing but now it was hardly a good AirJibe and lots of low wind sail tricks.. perhaps the pressure (although i seriously doubt that).

During practice and warm up sessions we could see some beautiful actions from Steven Van Broeckhoven, Dieter Van der Eycken and so on... I've been filming a bit and i caught some action :) When i'm done editing you'll be the first to know :)

During the weekend we could all test boards from ADH and F2.

In the evening there was a real, real nice barbecue :) I must tell, i really had eaten to much. Afterwards there was free beer and that was enough to get the party going :) I must say, i really love the way how riders get along here. There's nothing, not a tiny bit of rivalry present. Everybody cheers for everybody and even you do the most easy move like a helicopter tack they shout like if you were doing a pushloop into forward. Just a great feeling to experience!!

Then i had to go @ home because of the lack of wind, there wouldn't be any heats for me to judge and i had to go to a christening of the first child from my sister in law. But i heard afterwards that it was a great, sunny day and they did a volleyball game instead.

Here are a few more pictures. Our warm watch point.. the judges car :)

Price giving for the Kids:

Mighty high Yentel Caers overlooking the scene :)

Some special thanx goes to Rolien for charing her pictures, who by the way got a new brand new, easy to remind domain name. Checked it all out on http://www.rolien.be

Other pictures can be viewed on swell.be. Mister Verschoten & sun had promised as well some pictures, so be sure to stay tuned for the next updates!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Giampaolo Cammarota

For the ones who read the awesome Maui Surf Report blog, this will be kind off a repost but he's fully deserving it!

Cammar is the working beast behind Maui Surf Report, an addict to the most beautiful, ass kicking, extreme sport in the world. With almost every day an update with his own material (not like me, ripping of from some else until i have the chance to post something from myself), he's my number one blog!

He has a keen eye for all the beauty surrounding him:

Has a great sense of humor:

Knows how to shoot great footage:

Stands up for his believes:

And likes to show off from time to time with his Hot Sails :)

Be sure to visit http://mauisurfreport.blogspot.com because it's worth the surf trip ;)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Team The Bunch :: Bonaire 2008

Team The Bunch went for training @ Bonaire to get in shape for the season. This is the resulting video :)

Although it's pretty low web quality, it's still some great footage to watch!

:: Update: quality is a bit improved :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I went Tuesday, first of April to Brouwersdam (Kabbelaarsbank - Holland) for a quick surfsession. I was immense happy about the conditions, wind enough for being full powered with a 5.8 and warm enough to surf only with a wetsuit.

I was training on the duck jibe and air jibe and i think, with a few more practice session i will stand them !!

Thanx to my girlfriend i've have some picture worth showing you guys!

As you probably noticed, i've also updated the blog layout. I hope you like! Don't hesitate to give you're opinion.

Final Report :: EFPT Toro, Andaluz

Victory for Normen Günzlein but man of the event is undoubtedly Steven van Broeckhoven.

@ the single elimination, Steven had to acknowledge (although it was a close call) André as the better one in his heat. He was stopped already on the second heat, a bit of a bummer for the Belgium supporters. But not for long. As the wind picked up again next day the double elimination could proceed and that was the moment where Steven could show of his unbelievable talent!

Steven won 6 heats in a row, beating riders like: De Rycker, Souza De Pedro, Niklas Strahlen, Remko De Weerd, Egor Popretynsky, Michi Rossmeier and in the end he lost to a Lanzarote local Anxton Otaegui.

ENDRESULT of the EFPT Toro Andaluz 2008:
1. Normen Günzlein
2. Kevin Mevissen
3. Antxon Otaegui
4. Steven van Broeckhoven
5. Michael Rossmeier

The Meev, doing a great job being second with no freestyle practice whatsoever for almost half a year.