Thursday, April 24, 2008

Low-wind weekend

The past weekend (19-20 april) was a very low-wind weekend. Some of the weather models had predicted a immature 5 bft but the peak's were at max a messy 4 bft. But i just couldn't stay on the sideline, i had to get at least my gear wet, it was just to long ago.. but i wasn't alone on the water. Many of the BK riders where on the spot, which was by the way the Punt - Holland, for practicing some low-wind freestyle.

One of them was Steven Van Broeckhoven and it was just awesome to see that even with really marginal conditions he could pull out perfect ponches, grubby's etc., i was just floating for crying out loud! To bad i couldn't get good pictures..

But the party Saturday night made up for the wind. We went with a couple of windsurfers to a dance café in Ouddorp. It was a blast! Especially Jelle was in the mood to get party started! (Photo's will follow as soon as i get them)

Sunday was a bit better on Grevelingendam, although it was a just a little 4 bft we could at least get some windsurfing done. I was mostly training on the Gecko. I must say, i was really tired afterwards but hell yeah, had a lot of fun with my mates!

Thanx to Gino Joskowski for taking the photographs!


Lano said...

Is that a body drag? Nice!

fswp said...

yep, that's me body dragging in the most marginal conditions you could imagine ;)