Saturday, April 5, 2008

Final Report :: EFPT Toro, Andaluz

Victory for Normen Günzlein but man of the event is undoubtedly Steven van Broeckhoven.

@ the single elimination, Steven had to acknowledge (although it was a close call) André as the better one in his heat. He was stopped already on the second heat, a bit of a bummer for the Belgium supporters. But not for long. As the wind picked up again next day the double elimination could proceed and that was the moment where Steven could show of his unbelievable talent!

Steven won 6 heats in a row, beating riders like: De Rycker, Souza De Pedro, Niklas Strahlen, Remko De Weerd, Egor Popretynsky, Michi Rossmeier and in the end he lost to a Lanzarote local Anxton Otaegui.

ENDRESULT of the EFPT Toro Andaluz 2008:
1. Normen Günzlein
2. Kevin Mevissen
3. Antxon Otaegui
4. Steven van Broeckhoven
5. Michael Rossmeier

The Meev, doing a great job being second with no freestyle practice whatsoever for almost half a year.


Lano said...

I love that sail, what is it?

fswp said...

that my friend, is one the first wave sails off RRD

the wave Vogue Sail, and ooooh man, they got that real stylish look like there awesome boards :D
really really like them!

Anonymous said...

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