Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First BK Freewave this year

The First BK Freewave (Belgium Championship) was great, although a bit more wind would have been nice. We could finish in total 5 heats (one was canceled), enough to get results for the Kids and Masters.

First i want to say thanx to all the sponsors and Patrick Rooze for organizing everything.

Results C-power BK Freewave Surfers Paradise:
1: Robin Van Hoof
2: Yentel Caers
3: Liesbeth Janssen
4: Janssens Robin

1: Luc Caers
2: Dirk Van Der Eycken
3: Patrick Rooze
4: Luc Van de Ven

I enjoyed especially watching the masters. It was a very close call between Luc C & Dirk for first and second places, but in the end the overall impression and effort made us decide that Luc C deserved it.

The Young Guns and Open Categories were also fun, but you could see that a bit more wind would have been nice. In normal conditions we know some of the guys do Spocks and Chachoo like nothing but now it was hardly a good AirJibe and lots of low wind sail tricks.. perhaps the pressure (although i seriously doubt that).

During practice and warm up sessions we could see some beautiful actions from Steven Van Broeckhoven, Dieter Van der Eycken and so on... I've been filming a bit and i caught some action :) When i'm done editing you'll be the first to know :)

During the weekend we could all test boards from ADH and F2.

In the evening there was a real, real nice barbecue :) I must tell, i really had eaten to much. Afterwards there was free beer and that was enough to get the party going :) I must say, i really love the way how riders get along here. There's nothing, not a tiny bit of rivalry present. Everybody cheers for everybody and even you do the most easy move like a helicopter tack they shout like if you were doing a pushloop into forward. Just a great feeling to experience!!

Then i had to go @ home because of the lack of wind, there wouldn't be any heats for me to judge and i had to go to a christening of the first child from my sister in law. But i heard afterwards that it was a great, sunny day and they did a volleyball game instead.

Here are a few more pictures. Our warm watch point.. the judges car :)

Price giving for the Kids:

Mighty high Yentel Caers overlooking the scene :)

Some special thanx goes to Rolien for charing her pictures, who by the way got a new brand new, easy to remind domain name. Checked it all out on

Other pictures can be viewed on Mister Verschoten & sun had promised as well some pictures, so be sure to stay tuned for the next updates!

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