Tuesday, May 6, 2008


30 April 2008, what a day! A bit discouraged i went to the Oesterdam. It was the only day they predicted some wind for the whole week and with some i really mean not much, a lazy 12 knots. But man oooh man, was i happy when i arrived @ the spot. Although i don't have a windmeter, i'm pretty sure it was @ least blowing 17 knots.

I got my 5.8 and Twintip combo and got on the water, it was even more then presumed, it had to be 20 knots. So rather overpowered i surfed a couple of racks before Tommeke Peeters arrived. Then we treed to practice some styling :)
Did some major crashes, one even so hard that it ripped up my harness. That was very very though cause i didn't had a spare one and stopping is word i don't know. Surf until you drop was this time what kept me going for real ;)

In my resting period i did take some pictures. For the ones asking themselves, why are there so many of Roeland? Simply because he was the one practicing the hardest!


Lano said...

Some great pics there Sam, looks like a great spot, will google earth it to see where it is!
Is it shallow?

fswp said...

It is a super spot, although it could get a bit to messy with the shop when the high tide arrives...

more info can be found @ http://www.oesterdam.be/ (it is in dutch though)

You can when it's low tide its very shallow, some places just knee hight, when it's high tide you can still stand @ several sandbanks.

Philip said...

Very nice day.
Oesterdam is THE spot with low tide and South wind !