Sunday, May 4, 2008

Update: PWA - EFPT Podersdorf

As you all could read on the PWA website, due to the very light wind conditions only one single elimination could be preformed.

Kenny was unfortunately not strong enough to beat local Sammer, but Steven managed to pass by Chico and even Kevin Mevissen. But in heat nine he got stopped by Tonky Frans (who ended up 3 in the event). Which means that Steven is currently on the 9 spot on the PWA list !! Not bad for a first timer!!

In the EFPT ranking he's currently moved to the 5 place, because of M. Brown who did again a splendid job by becoming 2 in Podersdorf. I'm not sure why Brown, who's a Brazilian dude, is listed in the EFPT list... if somebody's knows, don't hesitate to post some comments.

To sum up: conditions where very marginal, the moves super and congratz to Steven for his super performance!

Pictures taken from the PWA site.

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