Friday, June 6, 2008

Two rookies surfing

Like i told you guys earlier on, i was editing some footage from our first surfing session @ the Maasvlakte - Holland. It was a fun, enjoyed the weather and the sea very much. Conditions were not bad at all for two rookies enjoying themselves.. The best replacement for windsurfing when it's not windy if you ask me :)

So here it is, our first surfing movie :) If you got some tips to improve our style (very much needed) then don't hesitate to let me know..

Now for those of you who want the see some real action, check this. Real cool photo's, look likes an awesome spot to me !

Check this link out for sure dudes, real massive wipe out's. Some real crazy stuff! Glad that it wasn't that bad with us...


Lano said...

You guys did fine, loved the sound track.....I still havent learned to surf, must put that on my 'list of things to do'

fswp said...

when you're in maui on holiday, you'll get some kick ass waves to learn i guess... :)

Lano said...

Was hoping for more wind than waves......havent sailed in 4 weeks!

I did try surfing in Waikiki last time we were in Honolulu, I was a total kook, but saw the activity as a right of passage

fswp said...

you have to do both :)

get some decent swell in the morning for you're surfing action, then a good meal and some napping time in the sun.

and the afternoon some kick ass windsurfing action until you drop !! :)