Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Belgium Riders

As the title gave it away a bit, i'm gonna promote 2 Belgium Riders today. First Roeland De Rycker. He's posted a new movie about an after school session on Grevelingendam - Holland. It's really well put together. If he keeps this commitment and level raising, it won't take long before he joins Steven on the EFPT trips.

Speaking of.. tomorrow starts the EFPT @ Greece and the conditions are looking better then last time i checked. If it stays like this, were gonna see yet another great EFPT show.


While Steven Van Broekhoven is preparing himself in Greece, several story's are publicized about him. The one thing that always comes back is "Most improved Sailer" or "Most impressive Sailer" and they are right about it :)
Check his reports @ teamthebunch (site is in Dutch though), unfortunately his forgotten his cable so he can't send us pictures for the moment..


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