Monday, June 23, 2008

Domburg - Holland

Well, it's decided. We're going to Domburg. It's not as extreme as the previous choice, but looking @ the current forecasts the better one. Not as far away is a bit of a plus to because we can get an evening session on arrival and stay longer on Sunday's...

Hoping for lot's of wind in combination with glazzy waves so we can both windsurf as surf.


Lano said...

How was it Sam? still waiting for report!

fswp said...

report is coming up, i'm just back home :)

i'm currently reviewing the photo's etc. but man, it was super FUN !! Had a real great time and 4 day's of surfing time !! :D

Lano said...

are you still with us Sam? Been a long time since your last entry, hope you havent turned to the dark side and taken up kiting!!!!

fswp said...

lool, no dark side here

just a working side :(

since i started working after my holiday in domburg i did an average of 13,5 hours / day. had only one change to go surfing and practically no change to update the blog

hope to change this soon, i'm now searching for the photo's :)