Thursday, January 17, 2008


It looks like that Lars Petersons (Feed Your Soul) and his crew made yet another great movie that shows us what true windsurfing means. Can't wait to see this one !
The trailer and more info can be found on their website:

Life is defined by unique moments. Dropping weightless down a perfect wave face, a carving turn, the feeling when you hit the lip with split-second perfection. The search for these experiences is what drives us. We will take you on a journey in pursuit of these magic moments, when the ocean invites you to play.

On the way we’ll hook up with Alex Mussolini in his hometown of Barcelona, for an extensive portrait of one of the world’s most radical riders.
Then Denmark, where Lars Petersen invites you to his home, with an exclusive guide to Klitmøller AKA ‘Cold Hawaii’.
Follow Lars and friends on an adventurous trip to Chile, a country emerging as one of the next great wavesailing destinations.
Then in Maui witness the JP team smash the boundaries of windsurfing. This truly radical group of riders go ballistic in the no.1 windsurfing arena in the world.

We have captured all these moments for you to enjoy!


Lano said...

Looks like we will be buying 'another' dvd, we have so many of them already, but this one sounds a bit different!

PS that forward double in your previous post looks amazing! Victor is a freak!


fswp said...

you can't have enough windsurf dvd's :)

Lano said...

you can when you realise that you could have bought a new board with all the money you have spend on DVD's!

fswp said...

hmmm, it depends on the time frame of dvd buying... :)