Tuesday, March 4, 2008

From heavy to light

:: update, a few more photo's can be found @ swell.be ::

Saturday, the first of march was a splendid windsurfing day for Belgium and Holland! The wind was massively blowing and i don't know what the exact temperature was, but i guess it would be around 11°C which isn't cold at all for Belgium standards.

Normally Gino and i would go out for some kick ass wave sailing but when we got at Ouddorp in the morning the sea was closed due security risks so we had to surf on the other side of the dam. Time for some freestyle action!

I was pretty excited as it has been a long time for me to surf on my smallest stuff, 80l tiga wave board and a 4.5 search (sorry Aerotech), although everybody else was surfing with a 4 max. Around noon the wind dropped drastically, even to the point that i couldn't surf at all. That's the moment i took my camera out. Then around 15u the wind picked up a notch, and with my 5.8 search and twintip 105 i was back in business!

Enjoy the pictures!

This is Jelle who did the first Go-Pro camera test, the video will be online as soon it has been edited :)

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