Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Non Planning Freestyle

Some guy's are real acrobatics on the water. For example, non-planning freestyle addict Oscar "Ceasar". I've you thought you could flip you're sail perfectly, think again !

Watch this video and be amazed by the flip overs of this little chap in Bonaire. My favorite move comes around 2:18. It's just another proof that freestyling is really the best sport in the world, no matter what the conditions are !



PeconicPuffin said...

Nice website. I'm glad you like the video. If you're interested you should check out the freestyle section of my blog which has more videos (including two others of Caesar) and a lot of other stuff. Some of it may not interest you but I'll bet some does.

Also note...I'll be editing another video of this amazing windsurfer in January.

Good luck to all of us struggling freestylers!

fswp said...

i liked it very much, some sailhandling, wow man !!

i've read some post's of you're blog and i was curious about a thing, somewhere you wrote the following:

non-planning freestyle:
-make tacking easier,...

now, if i read correctly, you're tacking is after 6 or 7 years still not as good as it should be, so.... ;)

PeconicPuffin said...

re my tacking: it's fine (on boards 90 liters and larger...below that a bit of a challenge)...my point was that nonplaning freestyle is a great way to improve skills you can use during planing sessions.

Meanwhile I'll have Part Two of Ceasar in January!

fswp said...

off course, no offense meant :) it was just funny to read on you're blog the contradiction :)

i have no doubt what so ever that non planning freestyle will help you on the planning freestyle, just as i truly believe that practicing on a dirtboard will in prove my skills on the water :)

can't wait to see the next movie !! with your permission it will be posted here to !