Monday, December 3, 2007

What a great day

Last sunday (2/12) was a super day for windsurfing!! It was a long time ago since i was overpowered by a 4.5 and i will cherish every moment of it. Although it wasn't very warm (about 10° degrees), the weather was doable apart from some rain (that really felt like hail).

Because it was so long ago for me to actually windsurf (and not windskate) i never stopped or got some rest which resulted in unfortunately no photo's or movies.. The good part of this though is that it's probably the first time in such extreme conditions i have not a single sort of damage, neither on my material or myself.. what a glories day ! :)

Now something else, my good deed for this year :) I've bought for me and my girlfriend an Charity String for SurfAid.
The FCS strings for charity are a high quality functional leash string of which 100% of FCS profits go to SurfAid International. The strings are bright blue as a symbol of your support to SurfAid.

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fswp said...

Next weekend looks promising too ! It looks like after a lot of windless days the wind starts to blow !