Tuesday, October 23, 2007

At last - some wind is coming to us !!!

Finally !! Although is very early to be sure, it is somewhat great to have finally something to look forward to. Windguru is giving some pretty nice windforecast for the coming weekend and the week after.

Hopefully they come true (or get even better) ! At last i'm gonna get a change to get my dirtsurfing training from the past month to the test on the water. I'm quite curiose about how it's going to be. Will my flaka turn succesfully and what about the gozzada ??
Stay tuned because we're gonna soon find out !

May the surfspirit be with you.


fswp said...

In Wissant it even looks more prommising :D

Lano said...

looks like we will be getting some wind soon too! Mind you for you its getting colder, for us its just warming up!


fswp said...

indeed, it's getting very cold up here, only 8 degrees...

but as long we can, we wil surf ! :d