Saturday, October 27, 2007

My first experience with dirtsurfing

The blog is about progress and freestyle, so it's about time that i'm gonna to post something about my current state of technique. This little video (57 seconds) show very quickly the moves i've mastered so far (meaning after 5 hours of exercise) on my new Pro Freestyle Buhala board.

As you can see on the video, the editing needs also some improvement but hey, it's work of progress :)

Music : Toshiro Masuda - The Raising Fighting Spirit

You are free to post comments on my style and mistakes. The more feedback i get, the faster my progress will become (hopefully :))

I'm also thinking about making a site about dirtsurfing. With lot's of pictures and video's but perhaps more important some kind of tutorial for every move you can make (or at least every move i know or gonna know) on a windskate. I'm not sure yet if i'm gonna make a separate site dedicated to dirtsurfing alone or that i'm gonna put everything in here. Again let me know what you think what's best and if it's worth the effort.

May the surfspirit be with you.

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