Thursday, October 25, 2007

Found by websurfing

While surfing through the World Wide Web, an article on Continent Seven caught my attention.

It seems that Club Ventos have just launched a video diary, called "Jeri Diary". The reason is as simple. They want there dreamspot Jericoacoara to get more attention. Not only the windsurfing part but also the chica's and locals, the small fishing village, and so on...

I think it's a great idea to promote you're spot trough stuff like this. It gives you a more accurate picture of the spot and it's just fun to watch!

The first diary shows a bit of windsurfing action combined with shoots of Club Ventos and the people living there. Not super radical, but some nice wave riding and clean freestyle moves like flaka one handed, spock, some loops and almost a double front loop!

You can also see the movie on their website. My goal is to post every new diary here on fswp, so stay tuned for the next diary!

May the surfspirit be with you.

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