Monday, October 29, 2007


Remember my previous post about the excellent windforcast? This is what's let over..

I'm truly depressed..

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Today's fun session

Because there wasn't any wind, we (as in me and my brother Seppe) went today out on a fun training session on our dirtboard. After an hour of real practice (for me at least) on my one-handed flaka and airjibe we were up for some real fun and slightly crazy experiment. But i'm gonna tell you about that later on, when the edditing of the movie is done. All i can tell for know is that you will need a good bike for this kind of fun :)

In the end it was a fun and various session. It delivered some nice photo's too.

I don't know if you see it, but it is a no-handed flaka. I'm pretty proud of it!

After a while my brother decided to try some jumps.

May the surfspirit be with you.

My first experience with dirtsurfing

The blog is about progress and freestyle, so it's about time that i'm gonna to post something about my current state of technique. This little video (57 seconds) show very quickly the moves i've mastered so far (meaning after 5 hours of exercise) on my new Pro Freestyle Buhala board.

As you can see on the video, the editing needs also some improvement but hey, it's work of progress :)

Music : Toshiro Masuda - The Raising Fighting Spirit

You are free to post comments on my style and mistakes. The more feedback i get, the faster my progress will become (hopefully :))

I'm also thinking about making a site about dirtsurfing. With lot's of pictures and video's but perhaps more important some kind of tutorial for every move you can make (or at least every move i know or gonna know) on a windskate. I'm not sure yet if i'm gonna make a separate site dedicated to dirtsurfing alone or that i'm gonna put everything in here. Again let me know what you think what's best and if it's worth the effort.

May the surfspirit be with you.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Found by websurfing

While surfing through the World Wide Web, an article on Continent Seven caught my attention.

It seems that Club Ventos have just launched a video diary, called "Jeri Diary". The reason is as simple. They want there dreamspot Jericoacoara to get more attention. Not only the windsurfing part but also the chica's and locals, the small fishing village, and so on...

I think it's a great idea to promote you're spot trough stuff like this. It gives you a more accurate picture of the spot and it's just fun to watch!

The first diary shows a bit of windsurfing action combined with shoots of Club Ventos and the people living there. Not super radical, but some nice wave riding and clean freestyle moves like flaka one handed, spock, some loops and almost a double front loop!

You can also see the movie on their website. My goal is to post every new diary here on fswp, so stay tuned for the next diary!

May the surfspirit be with you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

At last - some wind is coming to us !!!

Finally !! Although is very early to be sure, it is somewhat great to have finally something to look forward to. Windguru is giving some pretty nice windforecast for the coming weekend and the week after.

Hopefully they come true (or get even better) ! At last i'm gonna get a change to get my dirtsurfing training from the past month to the test on the water. I'm quite curiose about how it's going to be. Will my flaka turn succesfully and what about the gozzada ??
Stay tuned because we're gonna soon find out !

May the surfspirit be with you.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Welcome on FSwP

Let me start with saying ieps to you all !

I hope that you will like what you're gonna read and see on this brand new FSwP - FreeStyle with Progress blog. Perhaps first a little introduction on why and what FSwP is or should be meaning.

The what is fairly simple. It should all be about the greatest sport on this planet, SURFING !!! More specific about my personal experience around this mindblowing sport. You'll see (hopefully) my progression as i train to be a good wind- and dirtsurfer (or windskater, don't really know what's the best description for this kind of surfing). But it's not gonna be all about me. I'm going to try to post about everthing i find, see, experience and so one... probably you're gonna see some stuff from my dearest friends in the surfworld. Gino Joskowski and Tommeke Peeters who are super freestylers ! (or at least, compared with my skills for the moment :))

Now, for the why part... actually i'm inspired by the Maui Surf Report blog. I like his kinda relax style of blogging and sharing. Especially his personal "how-to" videos like the one about mounting points for a camera !!
A second reason is rather a logical one. I like to shoot pictures and film and stuff and it would be a bit of a waste to keep it all for myself or at least that's what i think.

So that would be it, the what and why at least :)

In the coming day's i'm going to try to post some photo's from a while back. I haven't photo's from the present because of the lack of wind !! :(
Because i'm still a student, i haven't much time in the week so al my hope's are on the weekend, but so far i haven't luck.

Ah, and last thing. As you probably noticed, my English is full of mistakes! Be a sport and don't make a big deal of it. I'm trying hard :-)

May the surfspirit be with you.