Friday, May 30, 2008

Current week

Not much posting time this week, so just a quick update. I've viewed the Brazilian Search from Club Ventos and it has delivered what it has promised. I'm sure that anyone who had read their website will agree... it's a relaxed movie, pure Club Ventos style. (remember their monthly diary videos from 2007) Clean and hard action when the wind blows but mostly more background information about the riders and spots. Let's not forget, it is a movie about the search of a new spot for Club Ventos.
Off course, a bit more windsurf action is always nicer but if the wind only blows 2 of the 8 days then... you know..

Anyway, my next movie to watch will be 7 Sons of Freestyle from ContinentSeven. Just arrived this week and really looking forward to watch some kick-ass freestyle action! Off course, a short review will be posted :)

Short movie about Prokids low-wind freestyle action will be posted short after the weekend with another short movie about my first surfing action @ the Maasvlakte - Holland with some bonus material ;)

Friday, May 23, 2008

the Brazilian Search...

Get the biggest surf adventure of the year on your screen, today!

This DVD shows what happened during ClubVentos Beach Search, when Kauli Seadi, Kevin pritchard, Marcilio Browne, Andre Paskowski, Baptiste Gossein, Robby Swift and seven other PWA riders helped us to search for a new beach to open our second windsurfing center. It turned out to be the biggest surf adventure of the year, and its now time for you to discover what happened, and what they found... Download from ClubVentos for Free!

I'm already waiting on the finishing sound of my download, i will let you guys as soon as possible know what i think about the movie, although a free movie about windsurfing can't be bad. Please don't hesitate to give you're opinion.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

BK Freestyle - Grevelingendam

I deeply hope that finally some wind will kick in this weekend. It's, if i'm not mistaking, the first real BK Freestyle this year. The go or no go can be viewed @ the Belgium Surfforum.

The contest will be held at Bruinisse, Grevelingendam and i will be there, probably as judge and other wise as film / photographer. (Also i'm a bit hoping to get some surf myself to)

In the mean while, here's a little video you can enjoy from Maui with Naish, Levi, ...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Prokids Brouwersdam

The weekend of 17 and 18 may was the weekend for the Prokids contest. I went for a quick look and was hoping to get some surf myself later on.. what a bummer!!

Although it was fun to watch our Belgium Pride to compete in the marginal low-wind conditions it still sucked. With the exception of a couple of gecko freaks (witch by the way gets boring if you only keep repeating the same move) the only other moves where buddha's, splits for the girls and some flip trics.

After i while, i got so frustrated of the lack of wind i went back home. Saturday was kind of a boring day. I've heard that the wind kicked in Sunday, but it was a bit to late since i had all kinds of work to do... so i was even more frustrated :(

I filmed a bit, perhaps i'm going to edit and post it or perhaps i don't... will depend on how much spare time there is left.

Current weekend doesn't look very good either, i hope it changes because this weekend is also the very first BK Freestyle. Probably without Steven van Broekhoven, because he has broken toe from last Sunday.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Newly arrived AirX

Last week my new sail arrived!! It turned out to be a real beauty, i just love the red color!! Can't wait to test it out on the water, i'm just waiting for my boom and more important some wind. A bit of a bummer. Last 2 weekends were without wind, not even enough for my newly 6.4 :(

Although i can't say much without having sailed the sail, while rigging it felt really light, even slightly lighter then my 5.8 search... can't wait to test it, it feels like the moves are going to be there without time!! man, i'm stoked !!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Penguin wetsuit

Although it ain't about windsurfing, the following is slightly related :)

Found an article about a sad, lonely and cold penguin, called pierre.

Penguin Pierre was a bit ashamed about his boldness and was left out by the group. Oceanic Worldwide had decided to take the challenge and made a really cool fitting wetsuit for him to feel better. And it worked! He isn't left out any more and he even gained wait again :-)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


30 April 2008, what a day! A bit discouraged i went to the Oesterdam. It was the only day they predicted some wind for the whole week and with some i really mean not much, a lazy 12 knots. But man oooh man, was i happy when i arrived @ the spot. Although i don't have a windmeter, i'm pretty sure it was @ least blowing 17 knots.

I got my 5.8 and Twintip combo and got on the water, it was even more then presumed, it had to be 20 knots. So rather overpowered i surfed a couple of racks before Tommeke Peeters arrived. Then we treed to practice some styling :)
Did some major crashes, one even so hard that it ripped up my harness. That was very very though cause i didn't had a spare one and stopping is word i don't know. Surf until you drop was this time what kept me going for real ;)

In my resting period i did take some pictures. For the ones asking themselves, why are there so many of Roeland? Simply because he was the one practicing the hardest!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Update: PWA - EFPT Podersdorf

As you all could read on the PWA website, due to the very light wind conditions only one single elimination could be preformed.

Kenny was unfortunately not strong enough to beat local Sammer, but Steven managed to pass by Chico and even Kevin Mevissen. But in heat nine he got stopped by Tonky Frans (who ended up 3 in the event). Which means that Steven is currently on the 9 spot on the PWA list !! Not bad for a first timer!!

In the EFPT ranking he's currently moved to the 5 place, because of M. Brown who did again a splendid job by becoming 2 in Podersdorf. I'm not sure why Brown, who's a Brazilian dude, is listed in the EFPT list... if somebody's knows, don't hesitate to post some comments.

To sum up: conditions where very marginal, the moves super and congratz to Steven for his super performance!

Pictures taken from the PWA site.